Living the R8 dream!

29 August 2011: Hey everyone! As this is the first post ever on my blog, I thought it should reflect my views on which I think is the best car in the world on date. My favorite car, or should I say the car that I dream of having one day! So here it is, the Audi R8.

Okay, there are more expensive, more exclusive cars available in the world today. But my idea of the best car is not its high price or its exclusivity, but its overall feel as a complete car.

So first things first. The R8 looks stunning. With all the LED treatment in the head lamp and tail lamps, the car has the distinctive looks that only new generation Audis have. I specially like the contrasting color blade behind the doors that serve both an aerodynamic and design purpose. The rear end with the quad exhaust outlets looks absolutely fantastic. Also, the automatic spoiler which comes up at high speeds improves stability and braking drastically. It creates downforce which keeps the car stable at high speeds.

The R8 is a super car, so statistics are not a problem. 400 plus bhp, a top speed of more than 300 km/ph and a 0 to 100 sprint of 3.8 seconds ends the debate. And the R8 is neither cheap nor is it a mass produced car. So you could say it is expensive yet exclusive. But it doesn't matter to me; what matters is the car being a beautiful and practical one. And that the R8 truly is.
Living the R8 dream! Living the R8 dream! Reviewed by Raghav Sarma on Monday, August 29, 2011 Rating: 5

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