Hyperloop's Nevada Desert Development Site in pictures

UAE, 07 March 2017: Hyperloop One has released images of its development site in the Nevada desert, located 30 minutes away from Las Vegas. The pictures give a bird’s-eye view of how construction is progressing at the world’s only full-system and full-scale Hyperloop test site. The 500 meter-long DevLoop with a diameter of 3.3 meters weighs over one million kgs, and the company is expected to perform a public trial in the first half of 2017.

Hyperloop is a new mode of transportation, capable of connecting to all modes of existing transportation and helping individuals be anywhere and move anything with on-demand autonomous transport. It has the potential to reinvent and transform transportation with higher standards of safety and speed than a passenger jet, close to half the construction and lower maintenance costs than high-speed rail and energy usage that is similar to a bicycle per kilogram-kilometer.

The company has a team of more than 150 engineers, technicians and fabricators who have been working to bring alive the world's first full-scale Hyperloop test site in Nevada.

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